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Terms & Conditions

B and S Retail Ltd trading as Flameboyant, 9 Cambridge Street, Godmanchester, PE29 2AT

Agreement- Terms of Business.

In the terms below, B and S retail Ltd is called “The Company” and the other contracting party is called “The Customer”.

  1. The Company retains full control of the supply of the furniture and appliances. The Customer agrees that the Company may make minor modifications to the specification for the materials at its discretion. If a major modification is necessary the Company will inform the Customer and agree the matter with them.

  2. If for any reason beyond the Company’s reasonable control the Company is unable to supply a particular item of furniture or a particular appliance the Company will notify the Customer. With the agreement of the Customer, the Company will replace it with an item of equal or superior standard and value.

3.1   The Company will do all that is reasonable to meet the date given for delivery. In the case of unforeseen circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Company, the Company may not be able to do so. In such circumstances the Company will contact the Customer and agree an alternative date.

3.2   The Customer will also do all that he/ she reasonably can to enable delivery to take place on the given date. In the case of unforeseen circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Customer, the Customer may not be able to do so. In such circumstances the Customer will contact the Company and agree an alternative date.

3.3   The Customer agrees to give access to the premises for the purpose of delivery.

3.4   On delivery or collection, the risk of any loss or damage to the furniture and/ or appliances becomes that of the customer.

3.5   A delivery charge may be levied for bulky items and/ or to premises outside the local area (3 miles radius of Flameboyant).

4.     All furniture and/ or appliances are supplied subject to any guarantees and after sales services that are offered by the manufacturers themselves, or where appropriate subject to the terms of any extended warranty scheme.

5.     Although the Company may be prepared to agree to certain changes to the original terms of the contract, this will be on the understanding that it does not infringe the Company’s full rights under the contract and that it does not prevent the Company from exercising those rights in the future. No contractual changes shall be valid unless authorised by B and S Retail Ltd. In writing.

5.1   In the event of cancellation by the Customer a handling charge will be levied. Minimum charge will be 15% for standard stock items and 25% for special orders.

5.2   All outstanding account balances for furniture and/ or appliances are to be paid to Flameboyant on delivery prior to installation.

6.     Marble, granite and slate etc. are natural materials and unavoidably, natural variations may occur in shading and veining. We guarantee that the material provided will be the same trade variety or better than that specified. Most coloured marbles are inherently imperfect and may contain light veins within the surface. All are sold subject to these usual deformities and where necessary marbles and granites will be filled. The Company takes care to select only high-quality timber products. As a natural product any timber may develop natural warps and grain deviations. Once installed, the Company cannot take any responsibility for any splits, warps or shrinks that may develop. Antique and refurbished materials are sold a seen. They should be inspected for any marks or defects when purchased as no defects can be rectified after collection or installation.

7.     The Company does not guarantee that flues with venting problems will be improved by the installation of a new fireplace. Occasionally after a new installation is commissioned down drafts may occur. The cannot be determined prior to installation. In these circumstances it may be necessary to fit an extraction fan or cowl to the flue. This additional work does not form part of this contract unless otherwise stated. No responsibility can be accepted for faults in chimney or flue formation or design which are outside of the scope of normal works. When using solid fuel or gas fires, if fumes are noticed or discolouration of the mantle or chimney breast occurs fireplace/ appliance must not be used until the problem is corrected. No liability can be accepted for any damage or loss caused by the fire in such circumstances.

8.     The Company and Customer agree that these terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the law of England and they agree that the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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