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The benefits of using wood as fuel

Updated: May 7, 2019

People have been burning wood for a long time….

Longer than we have had stoves and fireplaces, that’s for sure! Here at Flameboyant we sell all kinds of stoves that use all kinds of fuels but there are some distinct reasons why choosing wood as your fuel of choice is a great idea:

  • Wood is a renewable source of energy which takes a lot less time to renew than fossil fuels or gas. Green match have stated that ‘burning wood produces 0.008kg of CO2 per KWH, compared to gas 0.198kg and 0.517kg for electricity”.

  • If you know the right people wood can often be free to come by too!

  • Wood burning fires produce a heat that is scented like no other fuel and is beautiful to look at. Wood fires carry an ability to create a relaxing ambience and are centrepieces to any room of your home.

  • As a back up source of energy, wood burning fires are great during a power cut or gas leak!

  • Wood burning fireplaces heat the space in which they stand. This means you can heat the room that you need and leave the rest of the house cooler: energy efficient and cost efficient. Simply put, they save you money.

All fuels have their advantages of course but are particularly fond of wood for the above reasons.

If you would like more information about stoves, fireplaces, fuels or installing a fireplace in your home then head over to our contact page and get in touch: we are always happy to help.


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