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The benefits of lining your chimney

Updated: May 7, 2019

Following on from our previous blog about the importance of getting your chimney swept: there is a solid argument for getting your chimney flue lined which will assist in preventing the consequences of a dirty chimney.

This is of particular importance if your property has an older chimney which is more likely to have defects or crack or impending issues with integrity.

There are several reasons for lining an older chimney:

· The chimney is the wrong size for a stove that is being fitted

· The chimney is too cold to properly draw fumes (as per a chimney on the outside of a building)

· The chimney lacks integrity and is leaking harmful carbon monoxide into the property

· The chimney is allowing tar or soot to seep through causing issues in other areas.

In general, there are also clear reasons why lining any chimney is beneficial:

· The smooth, continuous lining will help to prevent the build up of tar and soot

· Integrity prevents smoke and carbon monoxide leaking through the chimney into the property

· The lining will be the correct size for the stove that you have

· The correct size of the flue helps it to maintain an optimum temperature which improves draw and prevents ash build up as a result.

Flameboyant install chimney flues along with stove and fireplace installations and are always available to give a free, no obligation survey at your property as well as advice as required.

Contact us on 01480 411158 for more information.



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