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multi fuel stoves

The Benefits of Multifuel Stoves

Capable of Burning a Variety of Materials

  • Versatile Fuel Options: Our multifuel stoves are designed to burn a wide range of materials, not just wood. This versatility allows you to choose the most convenient and cost-effective fuel source for your needs.


Smokeless Fuels and More

  • Smokeless Fuels: These stoves can efficiently burn smokeless fuels, which produce less smoke and pollutants, making them a cleaner option for indoor use.

  • Anthracite and Peat/Turf Briquettes: In addition to smokeless fuels, our stoves can burn anthracite, a type of hard coal that burns cleanly and hot, as well as peat/turf briquettes, which are a renewable and sustainable fuel source.

  • Fuel Supply: We can provide a range of these fuels, ensuring you have easy access to the best options for your stove.


Optimised Burning Efficiency

  • Design Excellence: Our stoves are meticulously designed to optimize the burning effect of various fuels, ensuring you get the most heat and efficiency out of every type of fuel used.


Advanced Grate Systems

  • Raised Grate with Moving Bars: The raised grate with moving bars allows for effective air circulation around the fuel, enhancing the combustion process.

  • Central Riddling Grate: The central riddling grate and ashpan enable you to deash the stove easily, maintaining efficient combustion and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

  • Easy Ash Disposal: The ashpan collects ash efficiently, allowing for easy disposal and keeping your stove clean and functioning at its best.


Efficient Heat Output

  • Comparable to Wood Burning Stoves: Multifuel stoves provide an efficient burning process and a heat output similar to that of traditional wood-burning stoves, ensuring your home stays warm and cosy.


Fuel Supply by Flameboyant

  • Comprehensive Fuel Supply: Flameboyant is your one-stop-shop for all your stove fuel needs. We can supply you with whichever fuel you require, ensuring that your stove always has the necessary fuel to perform optimally.

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