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multi fuel stoves
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  • Capable of burning a variety of materials other than wood.

  • Multifuel stoves can burn smokeless fuels (which we can provide), anthracite and peat/turf briquettes

  • Designed to optimise the burning effect of a variety of fuels

  • Raised grate with moving bars or central riddling grate and ashpan allowing fuel to be deashed to maintain efficient combustion.

  • Ashpan allows for easy disposal of ash.

  • Efficient burning and similar heat output to a wood burning stove

  • Flameboyant will be able to supply whichever fuel you require

Click on the ACR image to go through to our 'shop by brand' page. From here you will be able to download catalogues from ACR to get an idea of the types of multifuel stoves that we supply.

Call us to arrange a consultation on 01480 411158

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Multifuel stoves

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